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Plum DEV Guide

The Plum DEV Guide can be used as a supplement for understanding the DEV site and how to use its various tools from outbound to reporting. Section 1 mentions how you can change your account password, how to set up an application to a phone number, how to create a pre-built application, and how to look through a call log or session log. Section 2 explains how to use our file repository system to store files for audio, grammars, or application code. Section 3 discusses how to queue outbound tools through the web interface and how to queue outbound calls programmatically. Section 4 explains the details for the outbound API. Section 5 describes how to generate a call report to check the usage statistics for your phone numbers. Section 6 lists the details for understanding the analytics feature of Plum DEV such as the minutes used, the number of calls, and the transfer rate. Section 7 describes debugging techniques you can use to fix errors within your application. Section 8 discusses how you can use scratchpads as a tool to create and test VoiceXML applications. Section 9 discusses how you can set up common application URLs that you use to be saved for future use when assigning application URLs to a phone number.

Section 1. Using the Plum DEV Site

Section 2. Using the File Repository

Section 3. Using the Outbound tools

Section 4. Outbound Developer's Guide

Section 5. Call Reporting

Section 6. Analytics

Section 7. Debugging

Section 8. Scratchpads

Section 9. Saved URLs