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-{{description>​audiomaxage VoiceXML property details | audiomaxage tells the vxml platform the maximum age for cached audio resources.}} 
-**Default Value:** NULL 
-Tells the platform the maximum acceptable age, in seconds, of cached audio resources. Setting "​audiomaxage"​ to NULL allows the platform to honor expiration time set by the web server. 
-<?xml version="​1.0"?>​ 
-<vxml version="​2.0">​ 
-<​property name="​audiomaxage"​ value="​150s"/>​ 
-<​property name="​audiomaxstale"​ value="​25s"/>​ 
-  <​form>​ 
-    <​block>​ 
-      <​prompt>​ 
-        I'm going to play an audio file. 
-      </​prompt>​ 
-      <!-- If the wave file at the location specified by the --> 
-      <!-- "​src"​ attribute can not be retrieved, the text within --> 
-      <!-- the "​audio"​ tag will be read by the TTS engine. --> 
-      <audio src="​http://​​test.wav">​ 
-        Oops, the audio file could not be retrieved! 
-      </​audio>​ 
-    </​block>​ 
-  </​form>​ 
-From this example, audiomaxage has a value of 150 seconds and audiomaxstale has a value of 25 seconds. For simplicity, let's say the expiration time of "​test.wav"​ is when it is 100 seconds old. According to the flowchart of fetching a resource from the cache, since the age of the cached resource is less than the value of audiomaxage (110 < 150), it would check the expiration time of "​test.wav"​. Since the age of the cached resource is greater than the expiration time (110 > 100), an audiomaxstale check is done. Since the audiomaxstale value is provided, the cache engine then checks if the cached copy has exceeded the expiration time by no more than audiomaxstale seconds. Since the cached copy has only exceeded the expiration time by 10 seconds (110 - 100 = 10) and this time is less than the audiomaxstale value (10 < 25), the cache engine fetches "​test.wav"​ from the server using GET.