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Default Value: false

Enables call recording for your script. Call recordings are stored in the variable session.callrecording and can be uploaded using the <submit>, <subdialog> or <data> tags.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<vxml version="2.0">
  <form id="form1">
      <prompt bargein="false">
        You will not hear this message in your recording.
      <goto next="#form2"/>

  <form id="form2">
    <property name="recordcall" value="true"/>
        You will hear this message in your recording.
      <submit next="callrecord.php" namelist="callrecording"


From this example, “recordcall” is set to true, which enables call recording. The only part of the call that would be recorded is the prompt in form2 since the “recordcall” property is set within that scope and the bargein property of the first prompt in form1 is set to false. Also, note that the “callrecording” property must be used for the “namelist” property of <submit> since it is predefined to work with “recordcall”. Make sure that you reference “callrecording” in your server-side script when capturing the posted call recording.