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-{{description>​termmaxdigits VoiceXML property | termmaxdigits sets the numbers of DTMF input digits to be collected, with immediate timeout when reached.}} 
-===== termmaxdigits ===== 
-**Default Value:** false 
-Enables the behavior "​termchar Empty When Grammar Must Terminate"​ described in [[http://​​TR/​voicexml20/#​dmlATiming|VoiceXML 2.0 Specification - Appendix D]]. An immediate timeout on dtmf collection for grammars builtin:​digits (with length or maxlength set) or builtin:​boolean grammars. If any other grammars are active during recognition this behavior is disabled. 
-<?xml version="​1.0"?>​ 
-<vxml version="​2.0">​ 
-  <​property name="​termmaxdigits"​ value="​true"/>​ 
-  <​property name="​interdigittimeout"​ value="​3s"/>​ 
-  <​form>​ 
-    <field name="​myfield"​ type="​digits?​length=5">​ 
-      <​prompt>​ 
-        Enter up to five ones or twos. 
-      </​prompt>​ 
-      <​filled>​ 
-        <prompt bargein="​false">​ 
-          You entered <value expr="​myfield"/>​. 
-        </​prompt>​ 
-      </​filled>​ 
-      <​nomatch>​ 
-        You did not enter enough ones or twos. 
-        <​reprompt/>​ 
-      </​nomatch>​ 
-      <​noinput>​ 
-        You did not enter anything. 
-        <​reprompt/>​ 
-      </​noinput>​ 
-    </​field>​ 
-  </​form>​ 
-From this example, by setting "​termmaxdigits"​ to true, we can allow for no timeout as soon as the user has matched the maximum number of digits. If the user enters 5 numbers, the behavior of the application immediately returns a response to the user. If the user entered less than 5 numbers of ones or twos, the application waits for 3 seconds from the "​interdigittimeout"​ property and returns a <​nomatch>​ after 3 seconds has passed with nothing inputted. If the user entered more than 5 numbers, the application returns just the first 5 digits that were entered by the user.