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-{{description>​‹audio› VoiceXML tag details, attributes and VXML code example | The audio tag retrieves and plays a specified audio file.}} 
-===== <​audio>​ ===== 
-Retrieves and plays the specified audio file. If the audio file is unavailable,​ any enclosed text is sent to the TTS engine for speech synthesis instead. 
-==== Attributes ==== 
-| src | The URI of the audio prompt. See [[developer_reference:​audio#​supported_audio_formats|Section 2.1]] for supported audio formats. | 
-| expr | The expression may be either a reference to audio previously recorded with the item or evaluate to the URI of an audio resource to fetch. | 
-| stream | The URI of an audio stream to play. Any queued audio is immediately cleared if an MP3 audio stream is opened. | 
-| fetchhint | This attribute is not supported. | 
-| fetchtimeout | (defaults to "​fetchtimeout"​ global property value) The timeout for fetches. Must be specified with the appropriate time units (e.g., "​120s"​ for 120 seconds). | 
-| maxage | (defaults to "​audiomaxage"​ global property value) Tells the platform the maximum acceptable age, in seconds, of cached audio resources. | 
-| maxstale | (defaults to "​audiomaxstale"​ global property value) Tells the platform the maximum acceptable staleness, in seconds, of expired cached audio resources. | 
-| maxtime | (defaults to unlimited) The maximum number of seconds of the audio prompt to play. | 
-| starttime | (defaults to "​0s"​) The number of seconds into the referenced audio prompt at which to begin playback. | 
-==== Notes ==== 
-The setting for the "​src"​ attribute has priority over the setting for the "​expr"​ attribute. \\ 
-If the wave file at the location specified by the "​src"​ attribute can not be retrieved, the text within the "​audio"​ tag will be read by the TTS engine. \\ 
-==== Example ==== 
-<?xml version="​1.0"?>​ 
-<vxml version="​2.0">​ 
-  <​form>​ 
-    <​block>​ 
-      <​prompt>​ 
-        I'm going to play an audio file. 
-      </​prompt>​ 
-      <audio src="​http://​​test.wav">​ 
-        Oops, the audio file could not be retrieved! 
-      </​audio>​ 
-    </​block>​ 
-  </​form>​ 
-The output of the above script would be: 
-Computer: I'm going to play an audio file. \\ 
-Computer: (plays audio file if available) 
-==== Child Tags ==== 
-[[voicexml:​tags:​audio|<​audio>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​break|<​break>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​desc|<​desc>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​emphasis|<​emphasis>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​enumerate|<​enumerate>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​mark|<​mark>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​p|<​p>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​paragraph|<​paragraph>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​phoneme|<​phoneme>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​prosody|<​prosody>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​s|<​s>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​say-as|<​say-as>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​sentence|<​sentence>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​speak|<​speak>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​sub|<​sub>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​value|<​value>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​voice|<​voice>​]] 
-==== Parent Tags ==== 
-[[voicexml:​tags:​audio|<​audio>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​block|<​block>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​catch|<​catch>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​emphasis|<​emphasis>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​enumerate|<​enumerate>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​error|<​error>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​field|<​field>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​filled|<​filled>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​foreach|<​foreach>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​help|<​help>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​if|<​if>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​initial|<​initial>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​menu|<​menu>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​noinput|<​noinput>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​nomatch|<​nomatch>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​p|<​p>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​paragraph|<​paragraph>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​prompt|<​prompt>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​prosody|<​prosody>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​record|<​record>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​s|<​s>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​sentence|<​sentence>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​speak|<​speak>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​subdialog|<​subdialog>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​transfer|<​transfer>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​voice|<​voice>​]]