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 +{{description>​‹error› VoiceXML tag details, attributes and VXML code example | The error element catches all events with an error type.}}
 =====<​error>​===== =====<​error>​=====
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 ====Example==== ====Example====
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 <?xml version="​1.0"?>​ <?xml version="​1.0"?>​
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   <​form>​   <​form>​
     <​block>​     <​block>​
-      <throw event="​error"​ message="oh no, there was an error."/>​+      <prompt>​ 
 +      Hello. Let's move to another script. 
 +      </​prompt>​ 
 +      <goto next="nonexistant_file.php"/>
     </​block>​     </​block>​
-    <!-- The "​error"​ tag is shorthand for a "​catch"​ tag that catches an --> 
-    <!-- event named "​error"​. --> 
     <​error>​     <​error>​
       <​prompt>​       <​prompt>​
-        Caught my error event with the following message: +      A serious ​error of type error.badfetch has occurred. Exiting.
-        <break time="​1s"/>​ +
-        <value expr="​_message"/>​+
       </​prompt>​       </​prompt>​
 +      <​exit/>​
     </​error>​     </​error>​
   </​form>​   </​form>​
 </​vxml>​ </​vxml>​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +This script mimics the default functionality for when the IVR fails to fetch a remote file. \\
 The output of the above script would be: The output of the above script would be:
-Computer: ​Caught my error event with the following message: ​\\ +Computer: ​Hello. Let's move to another script. ​\\ 
-Computer: ​oh no, there was an error.+Computer: ​A serious error of type error.badfetch has occurred. Exiting. \\