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 ====Attributes==== ====Attributes====
 | ph | The pronunciation of the enclosed text. | | ph | The pronunciation of the enclosed text. |
-| alphabet | This value is disregarded. |+| alphabet | This value is disregarded ​except for Nuance RealSpeak which requires the value "​unipa"​. |
 ====Notes==== ====Notes====
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         My name is         My name is
         <phoneme ph="b aa b 1">         <phoneme ph="b aa b 1">
 +          Bob
 +        </​phoneme>​
 +      </​prompt>​
 +    </​block>​
 +  </​form>​
 +<?xml version="​1.0"?>​
 +<vxml version="​2.0">​
 +  <​form>​
 +    <​block>​
 +      <prompt bargein="​false">​
 +        My name is
 +        <phoneme alphabet="​unipa"​ ph="b A b">
           Bob           Bob
         </​phoneme>​         </​phoneme>​