This module facilitates call transfers. Both the prompt field and the destination number field can consist of a static or a variable value.

You can determine the result of the transfer using a combination of the result_variable, and the duration shadow variable (result_variable$.duration).

Transfer Result Result Variable and Duration
Caller hung up before transfer began result_variable = NULL and result_variable$.duration = NULL
Caller hung up while transfer is ringing result_variable = NULL and result_variable$.duration = 0
No one at the far end answered before the connect timeout result_variable = noanswer and result_variable$.duration = 0
Far end was busy result_variable = busy and result_variable$.duration = 0
Caller hung up during transfer result_variable = NULL and result_variable$.duration > 0
Far end hung up on the original caller result_variable = far_end_disconnect and result_variable$.duration > 0
Maximum timeout was reached result_variable = maxtime_disconnect and result_variable$.duration = maximum timeout

Module Settings

  • Hold Music
  • Private
  • Show Custom Errors
  • Show Custom Timeouts
  • Show SIP Headers
Setting Notes
  • The 'Show Custom Errors' setting for this module displays 'Error' and 'No Answer' options. If a transfer experiences a connection timeout with 'Show Custom Errors' enabled, the call automatically flows to 'No Answer'. If this setting is not enabled, the call disconnects.
  • The 'Show SIP Headers' setting ONLY applies to call transfers to a SIP destination (e.g. sip:1234@ and not transfers to traditional, 10-digit phone numbers. Enabling this option allows users to define custom headers to be sent in the event of a call transfer. Fuse restricts custom headers to the “User-to-User” header or any header that starts with a 'x-' prefix. The field uses Fuse's standard WYSIWYG field so developers can inject dyanmic data into the headers using Fuse variables.
  • The default durations for the 'Show Custom Timeouts' setting are: Connect Timeout - 30 seconds; Maximum Timeout - 0 (unlimited).

Advanced Settings: Advanced Fuse users may want to use shadow variables that are available for the Transfer module. For more information on this functionality, please visit the Shadow Variables page.

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