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 ======Plum Fuse Release Notes====== ======Plum Fuse Release Notes======
 +===Version 7.4.5===
 +==Features & Updates==
 +  * Added “Submit on Max” feature to the Digits module. When users set the Max Digits option the ‘Submit on Max’ option appears. Enabling this option immediately moves the call to the next Fuse+ module when the end-user inputs the set number of Max Digits. When enabled, no pause or gap exists when progressing from one module to the next.
 +  * Added the ability to easily rename revisions of a Fuse+ application.
 +  * Updated the share functionality in Reports. Improved the User Interface for selecting numbers to share with other users. Improved the ability to edit the numbers already shared with another user. Deleting a user from sharing now requires users to click the X button for a user and to then manually press the Save button to confirm deletion.
 +  * Added a disclaimer to the self-service provisioning portal informing customers that self-service numbers are not PCI/HIPAA compliant.
 +  * Updated the ‘module’ drop-down menu in the Goto Page module so that items display in alphabetical order.
 +==Bug Fixes==
 +  * Fixed an issue where the ‘No Answer’ node did not appear in the Transfer module on a cloned page.
 +  * Fixed an issue with uncaught errors in modules that simply played a default message and disconnected. Now applications will default to the module error handling if it is enabled.
 +  * Fixed a bug that prevented some users from updating their email address in their account settings.
 +  * Fixed issue with timestamps in the outbound call queue. Timestamps now display AM/PM.
 +  * Fixed an issue where queued outbound calls defaulted to Eastern time instead of the correct local time zone.
 ===Version 7.4.4=== ===Version 7.4.4===
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