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 ====Importing Surveys and Data==== ====Importing Surveys and Data====
-When a survey ​has been exported ​from Plum Survey ​into your accountit is exported without any data.  This allows ​you to fully test your survey and upload new voice prompts. ​ Once you are satisfied with the survey you can transition ​the new survey ​tool into production ​and import any existing response data from Plum Survey To import survey data click on the {{::​survey_manager_import.png?​nolink|}} ​import icon This will present you with a dialog ​to confirm ​that you want to import the existing data.  Click Yes to import the data or click Close to cancel the import.+Exporting ​a survey from the legacy ​Plum Survey ​platformdoes not include the survey'​s ​data. This allows ​users to fully test the survey ​in Plum Insight ​and to upload new voice prompts, if necessaryIt's recommended to wait to import Plum Survey response data until the new survey ​is ready for production ​in Plum Insight   
 +To import survey data click on the "​import"​ icon {{::​survey_manager_import.png?​nolink|}}. This presents users with a dialog ​window ​that asks them to confirm the import ​of the existing data. Click "Yes" ​to import the data or click "Close" ​to cancel the import.
 {{ ::​survey_manager_import_dialog.png?​nolink |}} {{ ::​survey_manager_import_dialog.png?​nolink |}}
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