Adding Numbers
To add new numbers to your Blocklist, click the
icon in the top menu. This displays a table that lists the phone numbers associated with your account. It also, indicates how many phone numbers are blocked for each number you own.

CSV Formatting

Prior to uploading anything, it's important to ensure that your CSV file is properly formatted for Blocklist.
Blocklist automatically adds any number in the CSV to the blocklist unless it is specifically flagged as a number to delete. The CSV file should contain two columns, the first called 'ANI' and the second called 'delete'.
Enter a ten-digit ANI without any spaces or other characters in the ANI column. If you need to delete a number from your blocklist, simply enter an 'x' in the delete column next to the appropriate number(s).


Once you have a properly formatted CSV file, click the purple 'Upload CSV' button to bring up the upload page.
Click the purple 'Select File' button and browse your drive(s) to locate the desired CSV file.
Next, select the phone numbers in your account to which you would like to apply the blocked numbers. After making the desired selections, click the 'Save' button.
Once the upload completes, the system generates an upload report.
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