Prioritizing Support Tickets via Email

As a reminder, the most efficient way to contact support is to login and submit a ticket via the support portal. Using the portal allows you to easily track and manage all your support tickets in one place.

When submitting support tickets via email, using the formatting outlined below improves Plum's ability to process and address issues.

Subject Line Syntax

For email submissions, please use the following format in the Subject line. Failure to use the proper syntax (punctuation, capitalization, etc.) may delay our ability to respond. Customer #:{customer ID}: Priority: {level}: {description}

  • Customer ID - Your Plum Voice customer number

  • Priority - Tag your email with one of the priority levels listed below. Write this priority status in the subject line of the email (without the quotation marks).

    • “Priority: Low”

      • Definition: Little or no business impact. Example: Feature Request and General Question

    • “Priority: Normal”

      • Definition: Minor impact to business. Example: A non-critical issue that is not a direct result of the Plum Platform, such as the failure of a single number or intermittent issues

    • “Priority: High”

      • Definition: Severe impact to business. Example: A critical application failure or an instance in which the majority of numbers and services are not functioning as expected.

    • “Priority: Urgent”

      • Definition: Business operations have ceased. All numbers, applications, and services are completely down.

    • NOTE: Tickets submitted without a priority default to having a “Normal” priority.

  • Description of issue - Tell us what's going on.

Email Body Content

To expedite the resolution of your issue, please include the following information in the body of the email:

  • The product you’re using (e.g., Dev, Fuse, Insight, VoiceTrends).

  • Specific phone number(s) involved. This includes the number(s) that was dialed, and the number(s) that made the call(s).

  • When (e.g., time, date) did the issue start occurring?

  • Is the issue intermittent or is it consistent?

  • How often is the issue occurring?

  • Any and all relevant details.

Feel free to copy and paste the following template into the body section when submitting a ticket via email:

Product: Phone Number(s) Dialed (list all that apply): Phone Number(s) That Initiated The Call (list all that apply): Start Date Of Issue: Is the issue intermittent or consistent? How often is the issue occurring? List all Details:

Reference Example

Please reference the example below when submitting a ticket via email to ensure maximum efficiency when addressing your questions and issues.

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