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Plum DEV is a development solution that allows developers to automate processes using the voice channel. DEV enables users to deliver highly interactive customer self-service, to build communications into business processes, and more. DEV has the flexibility to handle even the most complicated tasks, all while maintaining rigorous security compliance and providing the reliability of the cloud.
DEV offers complete customization of voice applications, from branding, to call-flow, to backend database integrations, which helps businesses increase efficiency, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

VoiceXML is the global standard for voice dialogs. As a VoiceXML-based platform, Plum DEV gives you the freedom to control customer interactions, triage customer needs, and reduce resolution times by automating complex tasks.
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Even with the proliferation of messaging apps, SMS continues to rule supreme. Build inbound or outbound SMS messaging applications with Plum DEV to deliver communications that customers actually read and engage with.
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Plum DEV's security compliance (PCI, HIPAA) enables customers to pay bills securely over the phone. Reduce the security risks and costs associated with agents handling payments all while increasing the number of completed payments.
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VoiceTrends is an analytics tool designed specifically for voice applications. Integrated into Plum DEV, VoiceTrends lets users track application usage and performance, A/B test scripts, and provides granular reporting capabilities.

Plum Voice hosts Plum DEV on a combination of custom-built data centers optimized for telephony and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Plum’s hosted cloud offers a robust security profile that includes PCI-DSS Level 1 and HIPAA compliance and on-demand scalability to cover all your IVR needs.

DEV integrates smoothly with any IT or telephony system(s). Whether it's a CRM, ERP, VoC, or any other type of database, DEV leverages APIs to partner data and communications. Plum DEV also works seamlessly with Plum Fuse, our low-code, visual call-flow editor.

DEV supports multiple text-to-speech (TTS) engines, including Amazon Polly, multiple Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engines, as well as dozens of languages and dialects.

DEV is a mature platform backed by SLAs that guarantee 99.9% uptime. Users can find additional support in this documentation and our community forum for developers.
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