Single Sign On

Plum Voice offers customers a Single Sign On (SSO) option for their company.

Typically, DEV users each have an individual account from which they are able to share applications with other users within their organization.

The SSO option provides a different user experience. With SSO for Plum DEV, multiple users share a single Plum DEV workspace. In this context, less need to share applications across multiple accounts exists.

Note: It remains possible for an individual within a company to maintain their own workspace, (i.e., have their own DEV sandbox) and to share applications with the SSO workspace.

For more information on configuration options, please contact Plum Voice Account Management.

Setting Up SSO

SSO is available to any Plum Voice customer, however, they must request the feature by contacting Plum's Account Management team.

In order to set up SSO, customers must notify Plum Voice which DEV account will be the primary SSO hub account.

After determining the hub account, each customer will receive a custom login URL for their company.

The admin dashboard contains a simple interface that enables admins to manage the users linked to the hub DEV account.

The Admin Dashboard

Enter the username or email address and password associated with your Plum Voice SSO account and then click the 'Login' button.

Administrators will see a list of users linked to their account. To add a new user, click the purple 'Add User' button.

A new window opens that prompts the admin to enter account information for a new user. Fill in the appropriate fields and click 'Save'.

SSO Login

Users will use the standard SSO URL to access the login screen. Entering your SSO username and password and click 'Login' to access Plum DEV.

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