Managing Secure Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers in a Secure Environment

PCI Numbers

Plum Voice hosts DEV applications that require PCI-compliance in a secure environment on PCI-compliant servers. This environment is on a completely separate network from out non-PCI servers.

Any phone numbers originally provisioned within Plum's PCI environment can be used to deploy DEV applications that have PCI security requirements. Typically, provisioning requests sent directly to that explicitly request PCI-compliant phone numbers fall into this category.

Non-PCI Numbers

Customers cannot use Plum's PCI-environment for testing or QA purposes.

Any phone numbers used for testing and QA purposes, and the application associated with them, are non-PCI numbers and hosted on non-PCI servers.

It is possible to convert a non-PCI number to a PCI-compliant number. To move a non-PCI phone number to the PCI environment for production use, contact Plum Support to initiate the migration process.

Once the migration process completes, the application associated with the number must be re-deployed in order to migrate the application to Plum's PCI servers.

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