Contacts CSV Formatting

There are several different acceptable formats for CSV contacts. The only format restriction is that the first column header must be 'destination'. Other than that, users may supply optional columns of information. DEV sets these data as variables within your outbound call.

The following list provides samples of different phone number formats for 5 different contacts. Observe that none of these numbers have call variables set:


Note the various supported phone number formats. All phone numbers must include a "1" before the area code. Users can add optional parameters for phone number strings, e.g. 'tel', 'ani', etc.

As of 2019, ANI should be set on all outbound phone calls as federal regulation requirements means that most inbound carriers will block outbound calls that do not originate somewhere. ANI must be a number in your Plum DEV account.

For more information about STIR/SHAKEN & Robocalling, please click here.

The following file includes the same list of phone numbers, but with the additional variables 'first_name' and 'last_name' for use within the application: