Default Value: 1 second

The specification-optional completetimeout global property is not supported but a setting here will override the incompletetimeout value if it is of a greater value.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<vxml version="2.0">
<property name="completetimeout" value="5s"/>
<field name="myfield">
<grammar type="application/x-jsgf" mode="voice">
( one | two )+
<prompt bargein="false">
Say any number of the digits one or two.
You said <value expr="myfield"/>.
You did not say any ones or twos.
You did not say anything.


From this example, the user has 5 seconds to say either one or two. If the user does not say anything within these 5 seconds, then a completetimeout will occur and return a <noinput> to the user. When a user begins to say either one or two, the application waits for 5 seconds due to completetimeout. Once 5 seconds has passed, the application returns a response to the user.