Scratchpads provide a means for easy creation and testing of VoiceXML applications. Scratchpads allow you to test application prototypes and new code ideas. Scratchpads can be saved within your Plum DEV account for future reference. Please keep in mind, however, that scratchpads should not be used to run large production VoiceXML applications and that scratchpads have a 64KB size limit.

Scratchpad is designed for testing purposes. It is not recommended to use Scratchpad for production deployments.

Scratchpad is not PCI-compliant.

Creating a Scratchpad

To create a scratchpad on your Plum DEV account, click “Applications” to bring up the drop down menu for application options and click on “Scratchpads”.

Once you're on the Scratchpads page, click on the “Create a New Scratchpad” button.

From here, you should be on the “Edit Scratchpad” page. Enter a title for your scratchpad page in the “Name:” textbox and click “Save”.

You can then begin to write VoiceXML code into the large textbox on the “Edit Scratchpad” page.

Validating a Scratchpad

Once you have written up some test code, you can check to see if the VoiceXML that you have entered is valid. To do this, you can click on the “Validate” button.

From here, if your VoiceXML code is valid, you should see a message that says, “This document is valid VoiceXML.”

If there is a syntax error with your VoiceXML code, you would see a message that says, “This document is not valid VoiceXML!” There should also be a short description below that tells you about the syntax error and red line indicators within your code.

Saving a Scratchpad

To save your progress after you've written up some test code, you can click on the “Save” button.

Once you have saved your scratchpad, you should see a “Scratchpad saved” message in red.

This scratchpad would then be available on the Scratchpads page for future editing.

Assigning a Scratchpad

To assign a scratchpad to one of your phone numbers, first place your mouse over the “Applications” header and then click on “Application Configuration”.

Once you are on the Application Configuration page, click on “Edit” for one of your phone numbers.

Once you click on “Edit”, click on the drop-down menu for “Application Source” and select “Scratchpad”.

Once you have selected “Scratchpad” as the “Application Source”, click on the drop-down menu for “Scratchpad” and select the scratchpad that you want to attach to your phone number.

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