Saved URLs

Saved URLs provide a means for saving common application URLs to make it easier when assigning URLs to a phone number.

Creating a Saved URL

To create a saved URL, click “Applications” to bring up the drop down menu for application options and click on “Saved URLs”.

Once you're on the Saved URLs page, click on the “New Saved URL” button.

This should open a “New Saved URL” window. For the “Name:” textbox, enter a name to reference your saved URL. For the “URL:” textbox, enter the application URL you wish to save for reference. Click on the “Save” button to save your URL.

Assigning a Saved URL

To assign a Saved URL to one of your phone numbers, first place your mouse over the “Applications” header and click on “Application Configuration”.

Once you're on the Application Configuration page, click on “Edit” for one of your phone numbers.

Once you click on “Edit”, click on the drop-down menu for “Application Source” and select “Saved URL”.

Once you have selected “Saved URL” as the “Application Source”, click on the drop-down menu for “Saved URL” and select the saved URL that you want to attach to your phone number.

From there, you can click on the “Save” button to save your changes for the application's configuration and then call into your saved URL.

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