Call Volume Graphs

The y-axis on each graph depicts the statistical value indicated by the graph name. The x-axis displays the specified period (day, week, month).

To enlarge each graph, click the thumbnail of the graph from within the page, or select it from the sub-menu under the Call Volume section.

To change the period interval on this graph, select one of the Day/Week/Month buttons located in the top right of this menu. Selecting one of these changes the period of the x-axis on the graph.

To view the data for a specific phone number, select the desired phone number from the drop-down menu in the top left. “All Phone Numbers” is the default setting for this menu until changed by the user.

# Minutes

VoiceTrends displays minutes with a precision of 1 decimal place. Hover over the data points to display help text that displays the exact amount for the given point.

# Calls

This displays the total number calls, either inbound or outbound, from your account.

# Transfers

This displays the total number of transfers out of your applications. For applications that have multiple internal transfers, this total includes all of those transfers.

Transfer Rate

To calculate the transfer rate, VoiceTrends divides the total number of transfers divided by the total number of calls. The transfer rate is displayed on a scale of 0 - 100, where 100 indicates that a transfer occurred in every call and 0 indicates very few or no transfers occurred across all calls.

Average Call Length

For the specified date range, the average call length is calculated as the total number of call minutes divided by the total number of calls. This is displayed in seconds with a precision of 1 decimal place.

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