The input section adds two unique features in addition the ability to specific date range(s) or phone number(s).

The “start url” drop-down menu is the first of these. Located next to the phone number drop-down, this option gives users the ability to change the source of data for the graph between the phone number or the start url of the application. This feature is ideal for accounts that have multiple phone numbers configured with the same start URL. This allows users to group those phone numbers together based on the common start URL and to view all data associated with that URL at once.

The other feature is the horizontal slider. This allows users to shrink and expand the size of the graph it self. Zoom out to get holistic view of the entire application or zoom in to view individual sections at a granular level.

Data Overlay

Hovering over the paths between nodes displays the details of the path, as well as the total number of visits from one node to another. For example, the image below indicates there were 89 total visits from the selection node to the indicated transfer node.

Reposition Nodes

One unique feature of the diagram is that users can drag the nodes around the screen to reposition them. Click and drag the nodes as desired to see a clearer path or to manipulate the graph as desired. In the example, note that the blue “DEV transfer” node has been made shorter and moved further down, below the rest of the diagram.

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