Release Notes


This minor update to VoiceTrends adds a second option for exporting raw data to CSV files.

Features & Updates


The latest version of VoiceTrends includes a number of significant UI and performance improvements over the previous version.

Features & Updates

  • VoiceTrends 2.0 features a redesigned user interface that provides improved usability. The new UI fully supports mobile devices.

  • Users can now access raw data from their applications directly in VoiceTrends.

  • In addition to being able to view raw data, the new VoiceTrends allows users to export raw data in CSV files.

  • Users who would like to use raw data for their own custom analysis or to build their own custom notifications can access raw VoiceTrends data through a REST-supported API.

  • The call-flow analysis now includes enhanced data metrics to provide a deeper understanding of how callers interact with voice applications and to help identify and troubleshoot problem areas.

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