The Performance section of VoiceTrends provides an overview of common in-call events including:

  • JS Errors - total JavaScript errors

  • JS Errors per Call - average JavaScript errors per call

  • Fetch Errors - total resource fetch errors

  • Fetch Error per Call - average number of resource fetch errors per call

  • Average Page Load - average time it takes to fetch a vxml page

VoiceTrends allows users to view these data on a per day, per week, or per month level. Within each graph this data can be further filtered by individual phone numbers. For more information on how to specify these values, see the Getting Started section.

Along with the graph data, the User Profile section displays the top 5 most frequent area codes that call the application. These values dynamically update with changes to the specified date range(s), period, or phone number(s).

The raw data section displays the average daily totals for all application usage. VoiceTrends uses all calls and transfers that occurred during the specified interval to calculate the average call stats over that interval.

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