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-{{description>​maxspeechtimeout VoiceXML property | maxspeechtimeout sets the maximum recording time duration for a user speech input.}} 
-**Default Value:** 60 seconds 
-The maximum duration of user speech input. Maximum recording time (as opposed to recognition time) is set with maxtime attribute of the tag. The maxspeechtimeout value can not be less than 2 seconds. 
-<?xml version="​1.0"?>​ 
-<vxml version="​2.0">​ 
-  <​property name="​maxspeechtimeout"​ value="​120s"/>​ 
-  <​form>​ 
-    <record name="​myrecording"​ beep="​true">​ 
-      <​prompt>​ 
-        Please record a message after the beep. 
-      </​prompt>​ 
-      <​filled>​ 
-        You just recorded the following message: 
-        <value expr="​myrecording"/>​ 
-      </​filled>​ 
-    </​record>​ 
-  </​form>​ 
-From this example, "​maxspeechtimeout"​ is set to 120 seconds, which gives the user a maximum duration of 120 seconds for speech input.