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This element is a form item. It contains executable content that is executed if the block's form item variable is undefined and the block's cond attribute, if any, evaluates to true.


name The name of the form item variable used to track whether this block is eligible to be executed; defaults to an inaccessible internal variable.
cond An expression that must evaluate to true after conversion to Boolean in order for the form item to be visited.
expr The initial value of the form item variable; default is ECMAScript undefined. If initialized to a value, then the block will not be visited unless the form item variable is cleared.




<?xml version="1.0"?>
<vxml version="2.0">
    <!-- This block will be executed first. -->
        Setting block condition variables.
      <assign name="blockcond1" expr="true"/>
      <assign name="blockcond2" expr="false"/>
    <!-- This block will be executed because "blockcond1" is "true". -->
    <block name="myblock1" cond="blockcond1">
        This prompt will play.
    <!-- This block will not be executed since "blockcond2" is "false". -->
    <block name="myblock2" cond="blockcond2">
        This prompt will not play.

The output of the above script would be:

Computer: Setting block condition variables.
Computer: This prompt will play.

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