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-{{description>​‹param› VoiceXML tag details and VXML code example | The param element is used to specify values that are passed to subdialogs.}} 
-The <​param>​ element is used to specify values that are passed to subdialogs. 
-| name | The name to be associated with this parameter when subdialog is invoked. | 
-| expr | An expression that computes the value associated with name. | 
-| value | Associates a literal string value with name. | 
-| valuetype | (defaults to "​data"​) Either data or ref; used to indicate to an object if the value associated with name is data or a URI (ref). This is not used for <​subdialog>​ since values are always data. | 
-The <​param>​ elements of a <​subdialog>​ specify the parameters to pass to the subdialog. These parameters must be declared in the subdialog using <var> elements; it is a semantic error to attempt to set a form item variable or an undeclared variable using <​param>​. When a subdialog initializes,​ its variables are initialized in document order to the value specified by the <​param>​ element with the corresponding name. The parameter values are computed by evaluating the <​param>​ expr attribute in the context of the <​param>​ element. An expr attribute in the <var> element is ignored in this case. If no corresponding <​param>​ is specified to <var> element, an expr attribute is used as a default value, or the variable is undefined if the expr attribute is unspecified as with the regular <​form>​ element. 
-<?xml version="​1.0"?>​ 
-<vxml version="​2.0">​ 
-  <!-- form dialog that calls a subdialog --> 
-  <var name="​myname"​ expr="'​Jane Doe'"/>​ 
-  <​form>​ 
-    <​subdialog name="​result"​ src="#​getdriverslicense"​ namelist="​myname">​ 
-      <!-- This will send the variable "​birthday"​ to the --> 
-      <!-- subdialog "#​getdriverslicense"​. --> 
-      <param name="​birthday"​ expr="'​February 10th, 1970'"/>​ 
-      <​filled>​ 
-        You entered <value expr="​result.drivelicense"/>​. 
-        <submit next="​http://​​"​ 
-          method="​post"​ 
-          namelist="​result.drivelicense birthday"/>​ 
-      </​filled>​ 
-    </​subdialog>​ 
-  </​form>​ 
-  <!-- subdialog to get drivers license --> 
-  <form id="​getdriverslicense">​ 
-    <!-- In order to receive parameters sent from a "​subdialog"​ tag, --> 
-    <!-- the parameters must be declared within the subdialog with the --> 
-    <!-- exact same name. --> 
-    <var name="​birthday"/>​ 
-    <field name="​drivelicense"​ type="​digits">​ 
-      <​prompt>​ 
-        <value expr="​myname"/>,​ 
-        your birthdate is: <value expr="​birthday"/>​. 
-        Please say your driver'​s license number. 
-      </​prompt>​ 
-      <​filled>​ 
-        <return namelist="​drivelicense"/>​ 
-      </​filled>​ 
-    </​field>​ 
-  </​form>​ 
-The output of the above script would be: 
-Computer: Jane Doe, your birthdate is: February 10th, 1970. \\ 
-Computer: Please say your driver'​s license number. \\ 
-Human: One two three four five six seven eight nine. \\ 
-Computer: You entered one hundred twenty-three million, four hundred fifty-six thousand, seven hundred eighty-nine. \\ 
-(continues on to processing form…) 
-====Child Tags==== 
-====Parent Tags====