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-{{description>​‹sentence› VoiceXML tag details, attributes and VXML code example | The sentence tag tells the TTS to change the prosody to reflect the end of a sentence.}} 
-The <​sentence>​ tag tells the TTS engine to change the prosody to reflect the end of a sentence, regardless of the surrounding punctuation. 
-| xml:lang | Can be set to "​en_us"​ or "​fr_fr"​. | 
-<?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​utf-8"?>​ 
-<vxml version="​2.0">​ 
-  <​form>​ 
-    <​block>​ 
-      <​prompt>​ 
-        <​sentence>​ 
-          Here's one sentence. 
-        </​sentence>​ 
-        <​sentence xml:​lang="​fr-CA">​ 
-          Voici un autre phrase en français. 
-        </​sentence>​ 
-      </​prompt>​ 
-    </​block>​ 
-  </​form>​ 
-The output of the above script would be: 
-(Note: This example uses Nuance RealSpeak 4.0 as the TTS Engine) \\ 
-Computer: Here's one sentence. \\ 
-Computer: (in French) Voici une phrase en français. \\ 
-====Child Tags==== 
-[[voicexml:​tags:​audio|<​audio>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​break|<​break>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​emphasis|<​emphasis>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​enumerate|<​enumerate>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​mark|<​mark>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​phoneme|<​phoneme>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​prosody|<​prosody>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​say-as|<​say-as>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​speak|<​speak>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​sub|<​sub>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​value|<​value>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​voice|<​voice>​]] 
-====Parent Tags==== 
-[[voicexml:​tags:​audio|<​audio>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​enumerate|<​enumerate>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​foreach|<​foreach>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​p|<​p>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​paragraph|<​paragraph>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​prompt|<​prompt>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​prosody|<​prosody>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​speak|<​speak>​]],​ [[voicexml:​tags:​voice|<​voice>​]]