Welcome to Plum Insight

This is a quick guide that will help familiarize you with Plum Insight and create your first survey.

Begin by logging into your account, which will take you to the survey manager. This is where you can create a new survey or manage pre-existing surveys. Users have two options when creating surveys. You can build a survey from scratch, or you can create a survey based on a pre-existing one. For more details on creating surveys, please refer to the creating a survey page.

When you create a survey from scratch, every page of the survey needs to have at least one or more question on it. For more information on question formats, please see the question types page.

Continue adding pages and questions to your survey until you have asked for all of the information you need. At any time during the survey creation process you can preview the survey, to see what it will look like for your end users, but clicking on the yellow preview button in upper right hand corner of the survey editor. You can additional changes by clicking on the gear icon, located directly above the Save and Preview buttons. Adjust automatically generated prompts at the prompt manager or change top-level settings at the survey settings page.

Once you are satisfied with your survey, you must deploy it. To do this, you need a phone number to associate with the survey. Click on the “My Account” button at the top of the page and navigate to the Phone Numbers section. If you need a phone number for your survey you can request one from Plum Voice on this screen using the yellow “Request” button. If you don't see a yellow request button, then contact your account administrator in order to obtain a number.

After obtaining a phone number, select “Deployments” at the top of the page. Choose “Deploy Survey”. Insight also generates a URL upon deployment so that users can take your survey on the web. This is also where you associate your survey with a phone number. Note, you can assign multiple phone numbers to a single survey if you'd like. Be sure to save all your changes before navigating away from this page.

Once your survey is deployed, you can take it by calling the phone number(s) you assigned to it or by using the URL. To see your survey results, select the “Reporting Manager” from the “Reports” menu at the top of the screen. From there you can select “New Report” for your survey. You should note that if no one has taken your survey yet, then there is no visit data to see. Insight cannot run reports on a survey that has no data.

The left sidebar has links to additional documentation with more details on specific sections.

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