Using Pages


Insight allows users to break surveys into pages. This enables better question organization and allows for more intricate question and page jumps. On each survey page users have access to the following page functions:

  • Editing Page Name

  • Page Jumping

  • Delete The Page

  • Add Questions To The Page

  • Sort Questions

  • Add Sections To The Page

  • Convert A Question Into A Matrix Of Questions

Edit Page Name

To edit the page name, simply hover over and click on the page name. This will open a text field where you can enter a new page name.

Page Jumps

A page jump is a transition that occurs when a customer finishes answering all of the questions on a given page. By default, the survey jumps to the next page in the survey. However, users can configure custom page jumps based on caller responses that allows them to jump to a specific page within the survey or to the end of the survey.

Delete A Page

To delete the current page click on the trash can icon.Edit


For information on specific question types, please see Question Types.

Insert A Question

The Insert Question window on the left hand side of the screen contains a list of all of the question types available for Insight surveys. Hover over a question type icon to display the name of a question type. To add a question to the current page, click on the desired question type in the questions list.

Once selected, Insight adds the question to the survey page on the right hand side of the screen. By default, Insight adds new questions to the bottom of the page.

Users also have the option to add questions at the top of the page, at the bottom of the page, or to create a new section with the new question as the foundation. To change a question's location, select the desired option from the dropdown beneath the “Insert Question” header, then click on the desired question to add it to your survey.

Sorting Questions

Insight provides two different ways to re-organize the questions on a survey page: drag and drop sorting and “Netflix style” sorting.

Drag-and-Drop Sorting

Click on the sort question icon, which is located on the right hand side, next to the trash can icon. This opens a new window that contains a list of all the questions currently on that page of the survey. Users can drag-and-drop the questions to their desired order.

"Netflix Style" Sorting

An ode to Netflix's old user interface, Insight allows users to re-sort questions in real-time by entering the a new sequence number in the question's sequence field. Once the user enters the new sequence and clicks off the field, Insight re-orders the questions accordingly.

Question Settings

Users can customize each question in their survey by clicking on the gear icon in a specific question container. (This is located in the upper right hand corner of the container, between the red delete icon and the help icon.) Each question will provide a list of options for that question. Note, that applying a change to one question of a given question type does not carry over to other questions of the same type in that survey/page/section.


A section consists of a group of questions. There is no limit to how many or how varied the questions in a section can be.

Adding Sections

To add a new section select “Create New Section” from the dropdown menu in the “Insert Question.” Next, select the question type you want to add to the new section. Click on the corresponding question type and Insight adds that question to a newly created survey section.

Sorting Sections

Sorting sections follows the same process used to sort individual questions. Note that re-ordering a section moves every question contained within that section as well. See Sorting Questions for more information.


A matrix is a group of questions that meet two criteria: 1. they are the same question type, and 2. they share the same choice options. Note that only the following question types can function as a matrix: Multiple Choice, Multiselect, Scale, and Yes/No. Once a question is converted to a matrix it cannot be reverted back to its original form.

Adding a Matrix Question

First, add a matrix-compatible question type to your survey. Second, click on the “Convert to Matrix” link at the bottom right hand side of the question container.

This automatically converts the question into a matrix. Third, in the new matrix container users can type any questions that can be answered with the provided answers. If you have multiple questions in your matrix and want to require callers to answer one or more of the, click on the star to the right of the question within the matrix question container.

Sorting a Matrix Questions

Sorting questions within a matrix works in the same way as Sorting Questions.