Managing Phone Numbers

Only users with administrator privileges can manage phone numbers. Administrators can request, assign, and release the phone number(s) associated with their organization's account. Users creating surveys in Insight must have an account administrator assign them a phone number to use.

Requesting Phone Numbers

Click on the “Request a Phone Number” button to request a phone number or a block of phone numbers. This will open a dialog box that enables users to request phone numbers.

In this window users can search for specific phone numbers, select from the phone numbers listed, or refresh the list.

Assigning Phone Numbers

Phone numbers requested by administrators are assigned to the requester by default.

To assign a phone number to another user within a company's account, simply select the user's name in the dropdown associated with that phone number and click save.

Releasing Phone Numbers

To release a phone number, click on the trash icon associated with the phone number and click save. Please note that any active deployments associated with that number will be lost.