Create new reports, and run and share existing reports using the Report Manager. Reports that you create or that have been shared with you appear in the Report Manager. Users can perform different actions on their reports depending on their permissions for a given report. It is possible to sort the report list by name or last save date.
Clicking on the “New Report” button prompts users to provide a name and select a survey for their report. Users can run reports immediately after creating them. Insight's report manager allows users to apply filtering rules based on response data or other non-response data, such as the type of visit, date and time, or other factors. The icon to the left of the report name indicates whether the report contains data on a single survey (
or multiple surveys
. Shared reports
are denoted with their own icon. Hovering over the icon provides additional details about which survey(s) contribute data to the report and, in the case of shared reports, who shared the report.
Users have access to several action items for reports:
  • View Report: Opens a page that displays a report based on the selected survey(s) and applied filters.
  • View Visits: Opens a page displaying detailed information on all visits to the selected survey(s) and applied filters.
  • Edit Filters: Opens the filter editor so users can adjust the filter(s) applied to that report.
  • Share Report: Opens a dialog window where users can select and share the report with other users in their company.
  • Clone Report: Clones the report to a new name.
  • Delete Report: Deletes the report (Note: this does not destroy any survey data).
NOTE: Not all users are allowed to share reports. Administrators can change user permissions to (dis)allow sharing (see: Account Manager - User Permissions). Shared reports only show the actions available for that report. The report owner sets the permissions that others can use when interacting with a shared report. Only report owners can alter or delete a report.
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