Survey Basics

The top level survey editor displays the universal survey controls regardless of what page you are on. These survey level functions include:

  • Edit the survey name

  • Navigate to the survey settings and prompt manager pages

  • Sort survey pages

  • Navigate through the survey pages

  • Add new survey pages

  • Preview the survey

  • Save the survey

Editing Survey Name

To edit the survey name, simply hover over and click on the survey name. This will open a text field where you can enter a new survey name.

Navigating To Survey Settings and Prompt Manager

Both the survey settings and prompt manager pages are located under the white gear icon in the top-right corner of the survey editor. Clicking on the gear icon opens a dropdown menu where you can choose either the survey settings or prompt manager.

Sorting Pages

Click on the list icon, located on the left-hand side, directly below the Survey Editor text, to manually sort the pages of your survey. This opens a dialog box thats allow you to re-order your survey pages by dragging and dropping them to the desired order.

Navigating Pages

To navigate to a specific page in your survey, click the corresponding page number icon.

Add A New Page

To add a new page to your survey click the purple plus sign after the page number icons. This will create a new page for your survey and redirect you to it.

Survey Preview

To see what your survey will look like to end users, click on the zoom icon. This is the icon with a magnifying glass on it and is located underneath the white gear icon on the left hand side. This opens a new tab that displays the web survey as your end users will see it.

Saving A Survey

To save your survey, click on the floppy disk icon. This is located underneath the white gear icon on the right hand side.