SOAP Integration

Users need to build their SOAP service so that it has a single plumEval method that accepts the above parameters and returns a string value that will be stored as the answer for the webservice question in your survey. Users can branch on this returned value using the webservice question's skip logic options; it is also possible to branch on a SOAP fault.

Handling a SOAP Fault

The webservice question type for SOAP is architected so that if a SOAP webservice returns a SOAP fault, then Plum Insight stores the value 'SOAPFault' as the answer to the webservice question.

Users can utilize this value in the skip logic for the webservice question to branch on a SOAP fault returned from their service.

Handling Audio Files

Comments provided over the phone by end-users for the comment question type are in the WAV format appear as Base64 encoded strings in the answers array. Users who want to save these recordings in their SOAP service should review the answers array for Base64 encoded strings. These strings can be decoded into WAV files of the audio recordings.