Merging Questions

When running a multi-survey report, users must first provide a name for the final output report and select the surveys to include in the merger. By default, Insight automatically determines which survey questions should be merged.

However, there may be cases where users want to merge two or more surveys, but also want to see the data for specific, individual questions within the report. For example, a user may want to merge Survey A and Survey B, but they want to see the individual data for question 3 for both A and B, even though these are the same question type and would be merged in a multi-survey report. In this situations, users can toggle overriding Insight's default merge behavior by clicking the 'Unmerge'/'Merge' button.

Questions of different question types cannot be merged. Any questions that are of the same question type can be merged, and any questions of the same question type that have the same question text and answer choices, as may be the case with multiple choice or multiselect questions, will be merged automatically.