Sharing Surveys

Accounts with sharing enabled can share surveys with anyone within their organization's account. Users can only share surveys that they own. Surveys that are shared with you must first be cloned. The cloned survey can then be shared with another user. Clicking on the share icon brings up the share dialog window:

Enter the email address(es) of the user(s) within your organization's account to share a survey with them. After adding the user(s), survey owners have the option to grant additional permissions to the other users.

Users with permission to create surveys automatically have the “clone” permission for their surveys. When sharing surveys, survey owners can opt for granular control over all other permissions (Deploy, Audio, and Report). These settings allow creators to limit survey access to the specific tasks or needs they need others to perform.

For example, if one user is solely responsible for managing the prompt recordings for phone surveys, then it makes sense to give them “Manage Audio” access to the survey so that they can access the list of prompts and upload/replace audio files as needed.

Sharing with “Deploy Survey” access allows others to publish the survey to a specific phone number and to manage the outbound dialing queue for the survey (see: Deployment).

Sharing with “Create Reports” access gives others full access to all respondent data with no restrictions (to share a subset of respondent data see: Reporting).