This is the Metadata Manager interface.

  1. Metadatabase Name: The name of the currently selected metadatabase. You can edit the name by clicking on it and modifying the text.

  2. Metadatabase Description: An optional, brief description for the metadatabase. You can edit this description by clicking on it and modifying the text.

  3. Save: Save any changes you have made to the metadatabase. This includes changes to the name or description of the metadatabase and the removal/modification/addition of rows, columns, and cells. Note: No changes are permanent until the changes are saved.

  4. Close: Close the current metadatabase and takes it out of edit mode. Note: All unsaved changes will be lost when the metadatabase is taken out of edit mode.

  5. Download CSV: Download your entire metadatabase to a CSV file. This is a quick way to create a new metadatabase from a CSV file or to make bulk changes to your database in an external program like excel, which can be more convenient than using the editor itself.

  6. Upload CSV: Displays a dialog that allows users to upload a CSV file to overwrite the existing metadatabase. Uploading a new CSV overwritse the columns and data of the current metadatabase with the columns and data in the uploaded CSV file. It is recommended to use this feature in conjunction with the Download CSV function in order to make bulk changes to a metadatabase in an external program and then overwrite the old database by uploading the new, modified CSV file.

  7. Metadatabases: Select a metadatabase to put it into edit mode. A metadatabase must be in edit mode for a user to modify it. Metadatabases associated with a survey will have a purple icon in this list. Hovering over the database displays the name of any surveys associated with that metadatabase.

  8. Delete Metadatabase: Click the trash can icon for a metadatabase to delete it. Insight prompts users with a dialog window to confirm the deletion of a metadatabase.

  9. Add Row: Add a new, empty row at the end of your metadatabase.

  10. Add Column: Add a new column to your metadatabase. The default naming of new columns follows the “ColumnX” convention where x is the numeric value for the column. For example, adding a column to a metadatabase with four columns will default to the name “Column5” because it is the fifth column in your metadatabase.

  11. Modify Column Name: Click on the column name to modify it.

  12. Delete Column: Click on the 'x' when hovering over a column name to delete the column. If any surveys utilize this column, Insight prompts users with a dialog window to inform them of that fact and asks to confirm the deletion.

  13. Delete Row: Click on the 'x' when hovering over a row number to delete that row.