Insight API Overview

The Insight API provides a programmatic access to, and supports the following functionality within the Insight interface:

Base URL

The base url for all requests should be made to:


All API requests are authenticated using HTTP Basic Authentication. The username value will be the email address users use to log in to their Insight account and the password will be their Developer Key, located within the Account Settings interface.
Depending on the HTTP libraries available in one's chosen programming language, users may be able to use built-in HTTP Basic Authentication. If this is not available, users can build the header manually by base64 encoding their username and developer key concatenated with a colon and then prefixing it with 'Basic'. Manually built HTTP Basic Authentication in this instance should look like:
"Authentication: Basic your_base64_encoded_string"
Any requests made without this header or with invalid credentials will return HTTP 401 Unauthorized and the body will provide details about what went wrong with the request.Edit

Supported Accept Headers

The API methods honor the following Accept header values to determine the Content-Type and representation for the response:
  • application/json
  • application/xml
Specifying a different Accept header will return a Content-Type 'application/json' by default.Edit

Locating your survey_id and instance_id

Your survey_id and instance_id values are utilized in many areas of the Insight API. To locate these values for your survey, you'll need to visit the Outbound Queue. At the top you will see “Outbound API Values” which displays the survey_id and instance_id for your survey.
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