Single vs Multi-Survey Reports

Most of the time, users run single survey reports. This presents the respondent data for one survey and applies any question or visit filters associated with it.

However, there are situations where users want to gather data from different groups using surveys that cater to each group. This situation also poses a problem for analyzing multiple, different data sets without exporting data from Insight. To combat this issue, Insight allows users to combine respondent data from multiple surveys into a single report.

When the structure of two (or more) surveys parallel each other, (e.g. Page 1, Question 2 in both surveys is of the same question type, such as multiple choice) Insight is able to merge the data from those questions in the report, essentially treating them as a single question.

When creating a multi-survey report, users have the option to allow Insight's reporting engine to automatically merge questions that it determines are good candidate for merging.

Any question(s) that cannot be merged appear in the report and are show as separate charts accompanies by their unique question type and text.