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The Survey Manager is the epicenter of Plum Insight. Here users can create, edit, and delete surveys, run survey reports, or share surveys with other users in your organization's account. Any surveys that you create or that others share with you display in the survey manager list. You can sort the list of surveys by name or last save date. The search function for this section and supports live search by name.
Clicking on "Create New Survey" prompts users to establish basic survey settings (name, language, speech enabled) and launches the survey editor.
Only users with permission to create surveys may do so. For users who cannot create surveys a list of surveys shared with with account appears.
The icon to the left of the survey name indicates whether that survey is locked
or unlocked
. Clicking on the icon toggles this feature. Locking a survey adds an extra safeguard because it prevents users from making changes to a survey or its data until the survey is unlocked.
Shared surveys can be identified by the shared icon
and can only be locked by the survey's creator.
The most common actions available for surveys display by default in the survey list
. Clicking on the arrow to the right of the action icons displays a full list of available actions
. Clicking the arrow icon again hides the menu and returns to the default list of actions.
The full list of available actions in Insight include:
  • Edit - Opens the survey editor.
  • Deploy - Opens the deployment page for that specific survey (see: Deployment).
  • Report - Opens a dialog window that allows users to run reports on a survey.
  • Share - Opens a dialog window that allows users to share a survey with other users within their account.
  • Clone - Clones the survey.
  • Clear - Clear all respondent data for a survey without making any changes to the survey itself.
  • Delete - Deletes the survey and all associated respondent data.
Not all users not allowed to share surveys. This is determined by a users permission settings. Surveys that are shared with you will show all of their available actions. However, those actions are limited by two different factors: 1. the permissions that were granted when the survey was shared with you (see: Sharing Surveys), and 2. your account specific “create” and “share” permissions (see: User Permissions). Only the direct owner of a shared survey can edit or delete it.
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