Survey Visits

The Survey Visits page lets users 'look under the hood' at the raw data that comprises their reports. This pages allows users to search for and view specific survey visit data and to export the raw data and audio comments for analysis outside of Insight's general reporting tool.

This page displays the type of visit (phone or web), the source IP or caller ID, the visit start time, and time to completion of each end-user who took to complete the survey.

The Survey Visits page looks like this:

The table of matching visits is presented as a paginated and searchable list where each individual visit occupies a single row. Click on the 'view' icon (magnifying glass) to open a new window that displays the answers to individual questions provided by that specific end-user. Survey owners have the ability to delete visits; this is a manual process done one at a time.

To export audio files containing end user comments, click on the Export Audio button to download a ZIP containing those files.

To export the survey's raw visit data, click on the Export CSV button to download that data in CSV format. This CSV file correlates the survey questions with the responses provided for each visit.

This data is also available for CSV export via API, here.