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Owner-limited API access to numbers:

Users can share phone numbers to other users in their account and view data for those numbers in the VoiceTrends web interface.

However, only the phone number's owner can access the number's data via API.

All API requests authenticate using HTTP Basic Authentication. Use the same email address you use to log into your Fuse account for the username value. Your Developer Key, located in your Account Settings, functions as your password.

Most likely, users will be able to use built-in HTTP Basic Authentication, depending on the HTTP libraries available in the programming language they opt to use.

If the desired programming language does not have HTTP Basic Authentication, users can build the header manually by base64 encoding their email address and developer key, concatenated with a colon (email:developer_key), and then prefixing it with 'Basic'.

Manually built HTTP Basic Authentication in this instance should look like the following example:

"Authentication: Basic your_base64_encoded_string_of_email:developerkey"

Any requests made without this header or with invalid credentials return an HTTP 401 Unauthorized error. The body of the error message provides details about what went wrong with the request.Edit

Supported Accept Headers

The API method honors the following Accept header values. These determine the Content-Type and the representation for the response:

  • application/json

  • application/xml

Specifying an Accept header other than these values returns a Content-Type of 'application/json' by default.

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