Input Modules

Input (
) modules are used to collect information from end-users. Each one of these modules obtains a piece of information from an end-user and stores it in a variable that can be acted upon later in the call.
Note: To meet PCI-DSS or HIPAA compliance, it is possible to make Input (
) modules private so that sensitive information is not retained after the call ends. See the module settings section for more information on the Private setting.
Most of the errors Input (
) modules generate are either No Input or No Match. If users want to branch on these errors it is necessary to enable the Show Custom Errors setting.
Module Name
Description ​
Collect address information
Re-direct a call based on a binary choice
Create custom inputs
Collect date or time information
Collect numeric values, either decimal or whole numbers
Collect individual digit values
Set the active language for multi-language applications
Multiple choice menu
Dynamic multiple choice menu
Collect an individual's name information
Collect a voice recording
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