View Pending Calls

Viewing Pending Outbound Calls

Outbound calls that are in progress or scheduled to go out in the future appear in the Pending tab of the Outbound interface. Click the โ€œPendingโ€ tab on the table to view these pending outbound calls.

Users can view pending outbound calls, cancel outbound calls that have not been dialed yet, and queue calls in this interface.

Pending Calls Table

When an application has one or more pending outbound calls, those numbers appear in the outbound calls table. This table contains the following fields:

  1. Phone Number: The destination number for the outbound call.

  2. Queued Timestamp: The date/time that the outbound call was queued.

  3. Number of Attempts: The total number of attempts made for that number.

  4. Last Event: The last call event, including the date/time the event occurred. Possible values for this field include: queued, dialing, and connected.

Searching Pending Outbound Calls

To locate a specific destination number in the list of outbound calls, enter that phone number in the โ€œSearchโ€ text box.

Canceling Pending Outbound Calls

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