'Private' Mode

Securing Your App(s)

In Fuse, modules that collect sensitive information, manipulate variables that contain sensitive information, or transmit sensitive information must all have the โ€˜Privateโ€™ option enabled for each module in order to maintain information security.

In order to maintain security compliance throughout your Fuse application, you must ensure that the module(s) that collect end-user input and the module(s) that initiate web services have the 'private' option enabled.

When the โ€˜Privateโ€™ option is enabled, the icon in the top left corner of the module will change from the module color to grey.

Verifying 'Private' Functionality

It is highly recommended to perform quality assurance tests on your application(s) before deployment. To do this input test data that should remain hidden. Repeat this several times to ensure the app has an opportunity to collect data from multiple calls.

You can check call logs to ensure that privacy settings are functioning properly and verify that no sensitive data appears anywhere in the logs.

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