Examples include saving call recordings using Amazon S3's scalable cloud storage, retrieving customer account information stored in an Amazon DynamoDB database, or connecting to a voicebot built on Google Dialogflow.

Module NameDescription

Connects to a AI-powered chat or voice agent built with Google Dialogflow.

Interacts with a database built with Amazon DynamoDB.

Interacts with cloud storage configured with Amazon S3. For call recordings only.

Supported third-party services

As of version 7.6, Fuse supports the following services for integrations:

See the website and documentation links for each service above regarding access, setup, and use. Some services may offer prebuilt solutions as well.


Some setup is required to use these modules. Complete the following:

  1. Create an account on one of Fuse's supported third-party services:

  2. Build a working solution with your chosen third-party service(s).**

All done?

** IMPORTANT: Fuse offers integrations with its supported services. Unless stated otherwise, users assume full responsibility for configuring and maintaining their solutions using a third-party service.

Depending on the service, this could involve hosting resources, testing, management of the third-party service itself, and so on.

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