🗒️Release Notes

Version 7.7.2

This minor release includes a handful of bug fixes.


Application Editor:

  • Shared apps' tabs are no longer blocked if the "You're not the app owner..." flyout is displayed.

Version 7.7.1

This minor release includes several security and user experience updates, and a significant number of bug fixes.



  • Variable names can be viewed on hover when a module field cannot display them at full length.



Application Manager:

  • Fixed a bug preventing an alert message from displaying when the Application Manager contains no folders or applications.

  • Fixed a bug preventing folders from displaying an application count in Grid view.

Application Editor:

  • DynamoDB module: Fixed a bug preventing use of certain keywords reserved by DynamoDB.

  • Menu module: Fixed a bug preventing choice prompts from playing.

  • Fixed a bug affecting private logging with modules using TTS.

  • Fixed a bug affecting application and folder permissions.


  • Fixed a bug preventing deployed shared applications from automatically updating when set to latest revision.


  • Fixed a UI bug affecting the Outbound Calls table.

White-label Fuse only:

  • Fixed a bug affecting email validation in the Create Account API for partner admins.

Version 7.7

This release includes access to the new Template Center and support for white labeling Fuse for Plum Voice partners and resellers.



  • Added the Template Center, which provides access to our library of Fuse templates: a variety of prebuilt Fuse applications that can be quickly added and customized to your needs.

  • Added the following support features for white labeling Fuse:

    • Domain redirection: Allows for a domain pointer to direct your users to your website.

    • SIP integration: Adds BYOC (Bring Your Own Carrier) capability, allowing you to use your current telco service provider.

    • Customer account management: Grants admin-level account access for management of your own white-label Fuse customer accounts.

    • Branding: Allows theme customizations, including insertion of a custom logo and color palette, based on any style guide details submitted to Plum.


  • Updated application settings page to include option for selecting ASR Engine.

    • A beta version of Nuance Recognizer 11 has been added.


  • SOAP module: Fixed a bug that impacted the Hold Music module setting.

Version 7.6.1

This is a minor release delivering new TTS engine voices and other updates.



  • AWS Polly Neural: Removed Kevin (Child) (en-US) and added the following voices:

    • German (de-DE): Vicki, Daniel

    • British English (en-GB): Arthur

    • Spanish (es-US): Pedro

    • Canadian French (fr-CA): Gabrielle, Liam

    • French (fr-FR): Lea

    • Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR): Vitoria

    • Portuguese (pt-PT): Ines


  • Automated account emails (2FA notices, etc.) will now be sent from hello@plumvoice.com.


  • REST module: Fixed a bug that impacted the Hold Music module setting.

Version 7.6



    • Modules available:


  • Fuse's My Account page has been redesigned with a tabbed layout. See it here.

  • Tab selection is preserved on page refresh.

  • A new Integration tab has been added for listing and management of added integrations. Admins can add, edit, and delete integrations, and standard users can review the list.


Version 7.5.1

This is a minor Fuse release that contains feature updates and several bugfixes.



  • Updated outbound filtering and export features.

  • Updated loading image seen when navigating between pages.

  • Added email as a option for receiving 2FA verification codes.


  • Fixed an issue that caused slowness when loading the Application Manager page.

  • Fixed an issue with the incomplete default value for the Timeout module setting.

  • Fixed a reporting issue that prevented some clients from viewing all of their reports.

  • Fixed an issue with deployment variables and private logging that caused applications to have high memory usage.

Version 7.5

This is a significant Fuse update that contains an array of feature additions, several quality-of-life UI updates, and a hefty amount of bugfixes. Follow the links below to view related pages in our Fuse documentation.

Features & Updates


PCI account features:



  • Past revisions can now be deployed normally again.

  • Adding new languages to an application now allows the new voice options to display normally.

  • Logs exported as a CSV file now matches your current filters.

  • Proper error message displays when your login credentials are incorrect.

  • Fixed a search function issue in the Application Manager.

  • Fixed a search function issue in Logs.

  • Fixed a logging issue with certain keywords.

  • Fixed a logging issue that occurred with certain call-flow loops.

  • Transfer rate calculation in Reports has been adjusted for accuracy.

  • Fixed display issues in the Application Manager when selecting certain filters.

  • Fixed an issue with Go To Page module behavior after deleting a selected page.

  • Request/response data logged in detailed call logs no longer breaks outside of the content container.

  • Timeout length setting in REST modules now properly enforces the 120 maximum value.

  • Fixed an issue with ending sharing of a deployed application.




  • Added call ANI data to the outbound - completed and pending pages, as well as the outbound call details modal. Calls without an ANI display 'N/A' for the ANI value.


  • Updated backend framework to provide more secure and efficient base code.

  • Identified and added new errors to list of errors available on the detailed call logs page.

  • General UI updates for better user experience.


  • Fixed issue that could occur when uploading client certificates.

  • Fixed a timezone issue that could occur when queueing outbound calls.

  • Fixed an ASR issue that occurred when enabling ASR in a Menu module.

  • Fixed UI/UX issue that occurred when generating a developer's key.

  • Fixed an error that presented a modal prompting users to save their work in the Fuse app editor when no changes were made.

Version 7.4.5



  • Added “Submit on Max” feature to the Digits module:

    • When users set the Max Digits option, the ‘Submit on Max’ option appears. Enabling this option immediately moves the call to the next Fuse module when the end-user inputs the set number of Max Digits. When enabled, no pause or gap exists when progressing from one module to the next.

  • Added the ability to easily rename revisions of a Fuse application.

  • Added a disclaimer to the self-service provisioning portal informing customers that self-service numbers are not PCI/HIPAA compliant.


  • Updated the share functionality in Reports. Improved the User Interface for selecting numbers to share with other users. Improved the ability to edit the numbers already shared with another user. Deleting a user from sharing now requires users to click the X button for a user and to then manually press the Save button to confirm deletion.

  • Updated the ‘module’ drop-down menu in the Goto Page module so that items display in alphabetical order.


  • Fixed an issue where the ‘No Answer’ node did not appear in the Transfer module on a cloned page.

  • Fixed an issue with uncaught errors in modules that simply played a default message and disconnected. Now applications will default to the module error handling if it is enabled.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from updating their email address in their account settings.

  • Fixed issue with timestamps in the outbound call queue. Timestamps now display AM/PM.

  • Fixed an issue where queued outbound calls defaulted to Eastern time instead of the correct local time zone.

Version 7.4.4



  • Added an API to retrieve all call logs based on a timestamp range.


  • Made improvements to the completed outbound interface to include:

    • Better call window filtering.

    • Improved processes for clearing data.

    • Added queued timestamp to the table data.

    • Output call events in the exported data.

  • Made improvements to the application search function.

  • Improved the date selection, sharing, and table output on the Reporting page.

  • Updated VoiceTrends so that it can be accessed by outbound-only users.

  • Various UI improvements.


  • Fixed an issue that could occur when exporting mutli-lingual prompts.

  • Fixed an issue with removing variables in the Menu (dynamic) module.

  • Fixed an issue with updating application timeouts.

  • Fixed an issue with re-setting passwords.

Version 7.4.3



  • Added functionality in new accounts to have demo applications in its own folder.


  • Updated JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

  • Made improvements to the stock application for users with access to OAuth.


  • Fixed an issue where clicking on download audio would trigger an alert to “Leave The Page”.

  • Fixed an issue where exiting an application with no recent edits was triggering a prompt to save the application.

Version 7.4.2



  • Made improvements to the stock Account Inquiry application.

  • Increased the file size for javascript libraries to 16kb.


  • Fixed a speed issue that caused excessive loading times when opening large applications in the editor.

  • Fixed an issue with pasting clipboard content using a mouse right-click.

  • Fixed an issue with modals that would close when clicking outside the modal box.

  • Fixed a styling issue that could occur when adding and/or editing variables.

Version 7.4

This is a significant Fuse upgrade that includes a major update to the Application Manager UI. We've also added a number of new features and squashed a whole lot of bugs.



  • Application Manager: The Application Manager now features a folder management system to better organize and manage Fuse applications. The features of the folder management system include:

    • Folders for applications with corresponding options to add, rename, delete, share, move to.

    • Breadcrumbs and file tree information for easier folder navigation.

    • Two layout options: grid view or list view.

    • Saving user preferences after making a selection. Examples include sorting by app name or save date, showing my apps or all apps, and the layout view (see above).

    • Updated search results.

    • Added a 'move to' option for apps to easily move apps into folders.

    • Added a 'rename' option for apps so users can rename apps directly in the Application Manager without needing to open the app first.

  • Added the ability to return unique call IDs to the Bulk Queue Call API. Now an additional return value call_ids is returned containing an array of the call ID values for the calls queued within that request.

  • Search for users by name when sharing applications. Previously, a user had to know the email address of the user they wanted to share an app with. Now, users can type in either the email or the name of the desired person to initiate a search for the correct email address.

  • Visual indicator for comparison type in Compare module. Previously, the Compare module lacked an obvious indicator for the type and would have to look at the type option in the setting menu of the module to find that information. Now, users will see the type (String, Numeric, or Boolean) as the column label.

  • Include default language into translations automatically. Default language prompts automatically get added to any non-default language prompts in the prompt manager. We also added a column for default language in the downloaded prompt spreadsheet.


  • Updated variable selection in the call-flow editor. Users now have the ability to type to find the variable or select from a dropdown.

  • Quicker application removal when deleting large applications. Previously, deleting a large application took a very long time but there was no indication on the frontend UI that the app was being deleted on the backend. Now, the deleted app is immediately removed from the frontend interface to avoid confusion and accelerate the entire process.

  • Added a linked docs icon to the call-flow editor that will open the Fuse docs in a new tab.

  • Update message shown in call logs when the call hangs up abruptly. When a call is connected but then disconnects before the application initiates, there is now a new message in the call log to describe this event: 'Call was interrupted suddenly.'


  • Fixed an issue where deployed apps set to “latest” were not always the latest revision.

  • Fixed an issue where a call would drop when a prompt speaks a null variable.

  • Updated logging to display dynamic variables correctly.

  • Fixed a platform-wide issue with dynamic grammar generation.

  • Fixed a bug in the address and name modules where the prompt text field did not show the dotted line indicator when the barge-in option was enabled.

  • Updated date/time option to match the other options.

  • Updated prompt text when enabling/disabling ASR.

  • Fixed the prompt spreadsheet so that the date module only shows one entry.

  • Updated the prompt spreadsheet to remove erroneous blank spaces and rogue punctuation.

  • Fixed an issue where the cursor jumped to the beginning of the module when a variable was added/deleted. Cursor position is now preserved.

  • Removed labels (shown as undefined) from the variable list.

  • Fixed an issue with copying/pasting modules.

  • Updated error.badfetch.500 errors so they would play a message (“Unexpected error has occurred”) before disconnecting the call.

  • Fixed a bug that may have allowed a user to deploy the same app/revision to more than one phone number.

  • Updated modules to reset nomatch and noinput counts after successful input.

  • When deleting an application that shared the same name with another application, both applications would temporarily be removed from the application manager. This won't happen anymore because this bug has been fixed.

  • Updated selecting engine to automatically select a default voice instead of leaving the voice option blank.

  • Fixed an issue where deleting deployments did update in the UI properly.

  • Updated the platform to display more detailed webservice error messages in logs.

  • Fixed an issue with the tracking dot highlight in the editor tutorial.

  • Updated Numbers and Digits modules to prevent users from inverting max and min settings.

  • Updated Menu module to restrict DTMF input to digits, * and #.

  • Fixed an issue with exporting outbound data.

Version 7.3.7

This is an incremental update that focuses primarily on bug fixes.



  • Explicitly added a say-as type called “None” so say-as can be cleared if set incorrectly.


  • Added a drop-down when adding/editing variables so that users can pick from the list of known variables rather than relying solely on type-ahead (type-ahead still works).

  • Increased the number of max properties from 20 to 30 for various modules (e.g. REST).


  • Fixed a path error that could prevent an application from saving properly.

  • Fixed cursor position bugs when adding/editing variables.

  • Fixed a copy/paste bug that sometimes occurred in editor modules.

  • Fixed a bug where translations sometimes malfunctioned in multi-lingual applications.

  • Fixed an issue when a nomatch result occurred when selecting AM/PM in a Time/Date module disconnected the call.

  • Fixed several minor UI style items in the call-flow editor.

  • Fixed an issue where results that returned multiple cookies only saved the last cookie in the headers.

  • Fixed an audio upload bug that occurred when built-in, utterance, prompts, and system prompts overlapped.

Version 7.3



  • New dynamic menu module. This allows users to generate menus where the menu options are dynamic variable values.

  • Developed a new API for retrieving call logs.

  • Added the ability to access a Fuse application name using shadow variables.

  • Added the ability to create JavaScript libraries that can be accessed throughout an application.


  • Improved outbound call queue performance.

  • Reduced latency in calls when performing module transitions.

  • Improved the way Fuse handles call log searches in web browsers. Search and Date filters are now preserved when navigating between logs.


  • Fixed a bug when sharing an application with ‘manage audio permissions’ enabled users are unable to access the ‘Save’ button in the Audio Manager.

  • Fixed a bug when sending an audio file with the REST module where the name of the file contains a period caused not file to be sent.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause longer than expected delays when jumping between modules.

  • Fixed a bug that caused JS array brackets to not function properly.

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when sharing an app that had audio manager permissions turned on disabled the ‘Save’ button in audio manager.

Version 7.2



  • Added more granular logging controls for modules being used in private mode.

  • Added Client Side Certificates to ensure that only authorized clients can make requests to a server(s).

  • Added default “Do Not Reply” text to the end of emails sent through the Email module.

  • Added a new option to the Transfer module to show SIP headers.


  • Updated web-based outbound call queue to accept inverted commas (aka ‘curly quotes’) when used in CSV files.

  • Standardized the audio structure between modules and revision prompts.

  • Updated timestamp formatting in Fuse to be consistent with the rest of Plum’s products.

  • Updated Post-Call Webservices section of ‘Application Settings’ to reflect the options available in the SOAP and REST modules.


  • Fixed a bug where the email module would throw an error if the body of the email only contained an object.

  • Fixed a bug where Fuse failed to enforce the unique email requirement. This occurred when adding new users to an account. If the email address used for the new user was already active in Fuse, Fuse appeared to create the account and it would display in the list of user accounts. An ‘Activate your Account’ email would also be sent to the email address. Upon refresh, the account disappeared because it had not, in fact, been created. Fortunately, none of this is an issue in Fuse 7.2 and users receive a warning that the email is already in use when adding a new user with a duplicate email address.

Version 7.1

We put on our thinking caps and got out our digital flyswatter to add a bunch of features and squash lots of bugs. The result is the best version of Plum Fuse yet. Here’s what’s new in Fuse 7.1.



  • Dynamic Prompts Added for Initial Outbound Prompt – In previous versions of Fuse, the first prompt the call recipients hear for every outbound call follows the prompt and input formula. An example would be: “You have a call from Plum Fuse, would you like to accept this call? Press 1 for yes, press 2 for no.“ If the call recipient presses 2 or hangs up, Fuse considered that a rejected call. In Fuse 7.1, we removed the default prompt. Now application developers can create dynamic initial prompts before requesting input or moving directly into the application.

  • Enhanced Setting Controls for Multiple Application Versions – In Fuse 7.1, you can establish different settings for different versions of your applications all on the same page. The version button moved to the right side of the screen. Now when on the Call-Flow Editor, Audio Manager, or Settings pages users can de-/select which versions to apply those settings to in the version drop-down menu. This allows for better version control and consistency throughout the application.

  • Display Application Name in Browser Title Bar – The name of the current application now displays in the browser title bar. Previously, the title of the window was “Plum Fuse :: {Application Page}.” This has been updated to “Plum Fuse :: Application Name.”

  • Highlight Path(s) When Clicking on a Module – When clicking on a module, the application will now highlight all the paths leaving from that module. By making these paths “glow,” it becomes easier to track call-flows and pinpoint destinations, especially in applications with a lot of modules/connections.

  • Indicate Current Active Revision in Version List – The version list now indicates the current active version in the menu icon. The version list is now located in the top right corner next to the save button. It is no longer necessary to hover over the version list to see the current revision.

  • Administrators Can Create New Sub-Accounts – Account administrators can now create new accounts in Fuse directly from the administrator page. There is no need to have users sign up for a trial account and then convert the trial to a production account.

  • Add Option for Comparison Type to Compare Variable Module – Added an option to the Compare Variable module allowing users to choose how they want the comparison to work. Users can compare variables as String, Number, or Boolean,” where string is the default behavior.


  • Keep Mini-Map Closed – Previously, if users closed the mini map, i.e. the application preview in the bottom right corner of the call-flow editor, it would re-open after saving or when navigating to a new page. Now the mini map stays closed across pages. If users reload the page the mini map will return to its original open state.

  • Better Save Prompting Logic – In Fuse 7.1, applications only prompt users to save if changes have been made to the current application.

  • Support Editing Variables in WYSIWYG Inputs – Users can now double-click existing variables to edit or update them. There is no need to delete and then re-add the variable to make changes.


  • Fixed a bug when navigating to the settings or audio manager pages and refreshing the page the application prompted users to save changes even though no changes occurred.

  • Fixed an issue where the Language module was unavailable for single language applications. The Language module is now available at all times.

  • Fixed a bug when adding a language in the audio manager an associated TTS voice menu displayed on the settings page, but if you deleted the language, the associated TTS voice menu would still be there. Now deleting a language also deletes the associated TTS voice menu.

  • Fixed an error in the editor_resource’s get_soap_methods() code.

  • Fixed a bug relating to merging audio prompts. If a one-page application had uploaded audio prompts, and then a second page was added, any new prompts with the exact same language were not getting the audio applied to them.

  • Fixed an issue where double inverted commas (“ ”) in variable names caused the WYSIWYG editor to break. The WYSIWYG editor now accepts double inverted commas and other special characters.

  • Fixed an issue where the upload audio button appeared for users without audio management permissions.

  • Fixed a bug where users were not seeing a Save dialog box before downloading audio or CSV files.

  • Fixed an error message that users receive when trying to download audio from applications that do not have any uploaded audio.

  • Fixed a bug where the Menu module played the main prompt but not the option prompts when calling into an application. The application would then skip to the ‘no input’ error message. Menu option prompts now play as intended.

  • Fixed an issue where errors generated a blank page instead of a meaningful error message.

  • Fixed a missing icon issue.

  • Fixed a bug where built-in prompt messages were missing after cloning an application.

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when deleting a user displayed an error message even though the deletion occurred correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where a blank prompt displayed in the audio manager for modules that did not have any prompts.

  • Fixed a problem where an application failed to associate the correct TTS engine/voice with a telephone number.

  • Fixed an issue whereby creating an application, cloning the application, and then deleting the original application, the cloned application would not function properly.

  • Fixed a bug where the revision drop-down menu would not populate in the Go To App module.

  • Fixed an issue with the Go To Page module where the link that jumps to another page and module did not work properly.

  • Fixed a bug where sorting pages in the application editor jumped users to the wrong page after changing the page order.

  • Fixed an issue where PUT REST requests were not working.

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