This module is designed to keep track a variable and increment every time the module is visited. It is most commonly used to keep track the number of occurrence a section has gone through (ex: user attempts) before branching to different call flow.

By default, the counter for the variable to be assessed starts at 0. Each time the call-flow passes through this module, the variable's value increases by 1.

Common Use Cases

Use Case



Login Attempts

The counter module can be used to keep track of the number of attempts before directing the caller to a different call path. In this example, if the caller provides a wrong login information 3 times, the call will transfer to a representative instead of allowing the caller to continue to retry the login. Here is what happens each time the call goes through the module: 1) login_attempt = 1 - invalid_prompt and retry 2) login_attempt = 2 - invalid_prompt and retry 3) login_attempt = 3 - transfer


User may set the comparison terms

  • Equals to ( = )

  • Greater than ( > )

  • Lesser than ( < )

  • Greater than or equals to ( ≥ )

  • Lesser than or equals to ( ≤ )

  • Not equals to ( ≠ )

Module Settings

  • None

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