Admin Options

Manage Users

Administrators can manage all of the users within their account here.

Clicking on the Manage Users section presents a full list of all the users associated with that account. The table lists users by name and email address and indicates the enabled permissions for each user. These include the ability to create and share Fuse applications. Admins can enable one, both, or none of these options for each user. The User Table only appears when an account has more than one user.

  • Note: Users can still run reports for any reports shared with them or manage deployments for any phone numbers assigned to them even if they do not have the ability to create or share applications in Fuse.

To add a new user, click the button. This generates a pop-up window with fields to enter the individual's First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

Every Fuse user must correspond to a unique email address. Email addresses do not have to reflect a specific domain. Admins can add any email address to their account as long as that address is unique.

If an email address was used anywhere else in Fuse to get an account, the system will throw an error. For example, if a user has an existing Fuse trial account, and then wants to get added to their company's Fuse account using the same email address it will not work.

After entering a valid email address, Fuse prompts Admins to select the user's permissions. Admins can choose to allow users to share or create applications.

Note: When sharing an application, users who have an application shared with them cannot clone that application. Users must own an application to clone it.

Admins can edit user information/permissions within their account or delete users completely.

To edit a user, click on the 'Edit User' () icon to open a pop-up window for that user. Admins have the ability to change a user's name and email address, to reset the user's password, and to change their sharing/creation permissions.

To delete a user from your account, click on the 'Delete User' () icon to remove a user from the account. Fuse prompts admins to confirm the account deletion.

Account Settings

This section allows admins to update their company's account information. Available fields in this section include:

  • Company Name

  • Street

  • City

  • State

  • ZIP

  • Phone Number

Phone Number

This section provides administrators with a list of all the phone numbers associated with their account. Admins can assign ownership of specific phone numbers to users by using the drop-down menu for each number.

Admins can request additional phone numbers using the โ€œRequest a Phone Numberโ€ button. This allows you to add toll-free numbers to your account.

Note: If you want a local number, a specific number, a vanity number, or a RESPORG you will need to contact the Provisioning department directly.

Demo accounts can only have one (1) phone number.