Managing Languages

Each language used in a Fuse application has its own language tab in the Audio manager. The name of the language automatically populates the tab title, e.g. English (U.S.A).

1. Default Language

Users set the default language when creating a new application. The default language cannot be deleted.

2. Add a Language

This creates a new tab for that language. Fuse automatically copies the prompts from the default language to the new language. There is no need to construct a new call-flow for each language.

3. Delete a Language

It is not possible to delete the default language.

Deleting a language permanently removes all of the prompts and pre-recorded audio for that language.

Download ZIP

Upload ZIP

Users can update one or more audio files for a specific language using the Upload ZIP feature.

Note: When changing audio files, Fuse only overwrites the audio files in the ZIP file; it does not overwrite all the files for that language. For example, if an application has 10 English prompts with pre-recorded audio and a user wants to update two of the prompts, they can record new prompts, name them properly, and upload them in a ZIP file. Fuse will overwrite the audio files for those two prompts, but not the other 8 in the application. Each additional language must be updated separately.

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