This module enables users to send an outbound email from Fuse’s secure email server. This is done to preserve PCI compliance.

The email is sent from [email protected].

The module has three input fields and each one accepts dynamic variables for easy personalization. These include:

  • Recipient

  • Subject

  • Body

Note: This module only supports plain text in the body field. HTML, attachments, etc. are not supported.

The recipient field can accept comma separated emails for sending to multiple recipients.

Module Settings





This setting controls the logging function of a module. Enabling the 'Private' setting instructs the module to not record, report, or retain the information input to that module for reporting or any other purposes. When enabled any information entered into a module during a call will be lost immediately when the call terminates. The 'Private' setting is critical for businesses that need to maintain PCI-DSS or HIPAA compliance. The module icon, in the upper left-hand corner, becomes grayed-out when this setting is enabled. See more details here.

Show Custom Errors

Currently the module does not capture any specific error.